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No matter what stage of the buying process you're in, scheduling an appointment to either look at a few cars talk about your financing options will save you time. There are also other benefits and advantages that you may not realize. 

Dedicated Team Members

If you've ever dropped into a dealership to find all of the associates busy helping other customers, you likely know the frustration of waiting 30 minutes, or possibly longer, to talk to someone. By scheduling an appointment you guarantee that there will be someone ready to help you on arrival. 

Save Time and Guarantee Availability

Your time is valuable. Waiting around for a member of our sales team to get a car ready takes the excitement out of buying a new car. Browse our website our new Subaru inventory, and the dedicate staff at Twin Falls Subaru will make sure those vehicles are ready and waiting for you to test drive. 

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Avoid the Herd

We know that walking into a dealership can be intimidating for some people. More often than not, there are a few sales agents waiting to open the door for you and greet you.

You can relieve some of the tension by opening the door and saying that you have any appointment with one of our team members.

Enjoy the Best Car Buying Experience

When you set up a VIP appointment with our dealership, our team will tailor your visit to our previous discussions. This allows us to know which new car or SUV you are interested in and how far along you are in your buying process. Whether you're looking for a new Forester, Ascent, or a new WRX, our team will be prepared, and you won't have to spend as much time at the dealership.

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