4-Wheel Alignment Services in Twin Falls, Idaho

In order to maintain even wear on a vehicle's tires, as well as discovering potential suspension issues, 4-wheel alignments are an easy way to keep your car driving true.

4-wheel alignment services at Twin Falls Subaru When alignments are out of specification, it can affect your steering, suspension, tire durability/wear, as well as cause unsafe driving characteristics.

Curious how cars lose their alignment?
There are many ways, including:

  • Uneven/damaged roads (ie, potholes)
  • Hitting debris/objects (ie road hazards, curbs, rocks, etc)
  • Standard wear and tear of suspension components, such as bushings, as the vehicle ages & logs more miles

Unfortunately, there are no warning lights that will warn you of a vehicle being out of alignment. Sometimes, by the time the visual signs (uneven tire wear) start to show, it is too late to save that set of tires, requiring an alignment AND a new set of tires.

Twin Falls Subaru's Service Team suggests checking your vehicle's alignment at least on an annual basis, if not during each oil change visit. This will provide you with as quick of a notice that the alignment should be adjusted, prior to it causing serious issues.

What are some signs of alignment being off?
Here are a few ways:

  • When driving straight, and a steering wheel is at an angle
  • When driving down a smooth, straight road, the vehicle wants to pull to the right or left*
  • Quick, or uneven tire wear on the inner, or outer tire edge

When needed, our team will pull your vehicle onto our in-ground Hunter Alignment system, lift it into the air, attach sensors to each wheel, that are read by a computer via laser system. Once your vehicle's details are typed into the computer, the system will provide our team with the factory suspension settings, allowing us to adjust the alignment to a very precise degree.

Modified Suspension

Have you lifted, or lowered, your vehicle? Do you have specific alignment specifications you would like to use for autocross, track days, legal drag racing, or everyday driving? With our in-ground alignment system, we can accommodate most vehicle types, some heavy duty vehicles may exceed the safe limits of our machine.

* Some roads do have a 'crown' to them, for water run off. This may cause a vehicle to drift to the outer edge of the road, this is not a sign of a bad alignment.

4-Wheel Alignment Services in Twin Falls, Idaho