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Why Buy a Preowned Subaru?

Buying one of the used Subarus for sale at Subaru of Twin Falls is a smart choice for any budget-conscious car buyer. Considering the value vs price balance of a preowned Subaru, buying a preowned is a great choice!

But which preowned brand of car should you buy? A Subaru- they are truly built to last. Revered for its quality and safety, Subaru is racking up endorsements from automotive reviewers. 

Used Subaru For Sale

Subaru of Twin Falls Has The Best Selection of Used and Certified Pre-Owned Subaru in Twin Falls and Hailey, ID

If you are if the market for a used Subaru in Twin Falls, our Twin Falls car dealership is the only destination where you will find the best selection of pre-owned Subaru for sale.
We have an extensive inventory of used Subaru cars and SUVs but also carry many other brands. That's why we always encourage drivers from Twin Falls and the surrounding area to give our listing of pre-owned cars a look.

One of The Best Selection of Used Cars in Twin Falls.

At Subaru of Twin Falls, we provide more than just used and pre-owned cars. When you buy a used car at our Twin Falls dealership, you will find that our team will do their best to keep you satisfied through the life of your vehicle.

Explore our vast selection of stellar-quality used cars, trucks and SUVs in the Twin Falls area. We are located at 794 Falls Ave, and are happy to help anyone in the area find our used car dealership. So next time you are in town, stop by and browse our selection of used cars or simply use our CarFinder tool to have us search all over Idaho to track down the vehicle you're looking for.

Let's Talk Car Financing with Your Pre-owned Subaru

Here at Subaru of Twin Falls, we'd be happy to take the next step and go over the many car financing options with you. Our specialists are passionate about their work, and aim to get you the best terms possible. Some believe our diligence is exceptional. We, however, believe such efforts should be the norm when buying a new or used car.

Why Buy a Pre-owned Subaru?

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a smart choice for any budget-conscious car buyer. Considering a new vehicle loses thousands of dollars in value the minute you drive it off the lot, buying a pre-owned is a great choice.

But which pre-owned brand of car should you buy? A Subaru- they are truly built to last.

Don't be afraid to head to our local dealership for great pre-owned Subaru vehicles either, we are the only place you can get a certified pre-owned vehicle. Cars for sale by private owners on Craigslist and other third-party sites don't offer certified pre-owned cars for sale. 

We've done the car research for you and have compiled a list of why you should be in a pre-owned Subaru:

  • 1. It Will most likely be A CPO vehicle

    All certified pre-owned vehicles are inspected according to the standards of the manufacturer. They also carry a manufacturer-backed warranty that will extend the length of your car coverage. Car dealerships are licensed to sell these cars because they have mileage and age limits. This will ensure that the car your purchase will be in great condition to serve you for years to come. The CPO vehicle industry is booming and for good reasons. As smart buyers purchase CPO cars they are getting a great car for a fraction of the cost of a brand new vehicle.
  • 2. More Benefits

    The CPO Subaru benefits don't stop there. There are many more benefits from Subaru's CPO Program. A certified pre-owned Subaru will come with a 7-year manufacturer warranty with a zero deductible. You can have peace of mind that the car you're purchasing will be backed up by Subaru should anything go wrong on the manufacturer's side. With 24/7 Roadside Assistance and a $500 Owner Loyalty Coupon, you'll get more bang for your buck than you imagined. The CPO's come with a free Carfax Vehicle History Report and a 3-month SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial subscription. The added bonuses of buying a Subaru pre-owned will save you thousands on luxury additions. What's more? Your Subaru preowned will come with a rigorous 152-point inspection 
  • 3. The 152-Point Inspection

    With the 152-Point inspection, you're never going to get a lemon. All vehicles must pass the extensive inspection. The inspection is done by trained technicians who know the ins and outs of Subaru cars. They will inspect every detail of the vehicle. The inspection examines both the exterior and interior of your car. They will rigorously inspect the main engine, tires, belts, shocks, hoses, brakes, powertrain components and seals. If any of these things do not meet the Subaru standards, then it will be repaired until it meets factory standards, or replaced with OEM parts. While the cosmetic aspect of your new pre-owned Subaru might look great, you'll have peace of mind knowing that any cosmetic issue has been previously fixed. The buttons, switches, and controls will all be up to par and in perfect working order. The cars "infotainment" system will also be tested to ensure it is in optimal working order. After the interior and exterior inspection, the car will undergo a vehicle road test to check for any issues in driving the vehicle. They will then send your car to the final Subaru spa for extra buffing, waxing, and priming before putting it on the car lot for sale.

    Once it's on the lot, you can rest assured your car has been checked for 152 essential aspects on the checklist.

  • 4. The Price of a Pre-owned Subaru

    In buying a pre-owned car from Subaru of Twin Falls you can buy better quality and "more car" when you forgo the new. Perhaps you've been searching for a brand new Subaru for a few years now but it doesn't quite fit in your budget. Considering a the pre-owned option will get you into the vehicle you want and it won't feel any less new to you. Because car makers aren't redesigning their models every single year, buying used cars is now a cool option. While certain details might change from year to year, you will purchase the car of your dreams through a pre-owned option. Used cars are of great value and last a long time because of the intense maintenance routines performed on them before being resold. Your dollar will stretch longer than you imagined because the car will hold up for so long. You will pay a much lower price for the exact same car model as the new one you see on the showroom floor with a Subaru pre-owned. Always do your homework when choosing a used vehicle. Find a fantastic Subaru dealer who can get you the car you've been waiting for.

  • 5. Minimized Depreciation

    Vehicles typically depreciate about 20 percent when they are driven off the lot. Cars then lose more value after the first year of being driven. That's a large depreciation after only one year of owning a car. If a $30,000 car loses around $9,000 dollars in value during its first year, that's a substantial amount of money lost just for buying a new vehicle. Avoid losing thousands on your vehicle by buying a used Subaru. While one-year-old cars might be harder to come by, two and three-year-old cars are in abundance. What's more? With a great Subaru you can buy it, drive it, and then sell it with a very little loss in equity. Depreciation will absolutely flatten out after the car's second year on the road. However, that depreciation will increase again around year five.

    Buying something that is two years old and driving it into the ground is the most cost-effective way to own a car. But, good luck driving a Subaru into the ground. It'll keep up with even your most wild adventures. 

    Go Big and Go Subaru

    Subaru's are the best pre-owned cars on the market. You can save substantially and still get a high-quality car by choosing a Subaru pre-owned. When you're ready to get the pre-owned car of your dreams, contact us today!


** Listed sale prices do not include taxes (calculated per vehicle), $14 Title Fee (for Idaho Residents) or $37 Title & Temporary Registration Fee (for non-Idaho Residents), $389 dealer doc fee, or $209 Portfolio Theft fee. See dealer for a complete pricing breakdown on the vehicle of your choice.