What to Bring When Buying A Car

What Documents Do You Need To Purchase A Vehicle?

So you decide to go car shopping. “Just looking!” you say to yourself. But if anywhere in the back of your mind is the thought that maybe, just maybe, if the planets are all aligned correctly, you could come home with a new car or a car that is new to you, you will want to be prepared. Twin Falls Subaru has put together a list of things you will want to have on hand if you find the car you want and are ready to buy.

License and Insurance, Please

When you hear that request when stopped on the side of the road with red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, it probably isn’t a good thing. If you go car shopping, it paves the way for a test drive. Remember not to have them just for you but for anyone else with you who will also want to sample the car on the road. 

Trade in your current vehicle.

If You Are Bringing Your Trade-In

If you are bringing your trade-in and want to know how much it can help you in your purchase, be sure to have a current registration form. It would be even better to bring the title. Often, on the back of the title is a form for transferring the car to the next owner. Even if you are positive you are trading it in today, leave this blank until the trade-in occurs. That way, your signature can be notarized, and the mileage at the time of transfer will be accurate. Also, be sure to bring all spare keys along with you. 

If your car was in an accident and was declared a total loss, and thus the reason you are car shopping, bring your insurance payout documentation stating total loss & payout amount, and if applicable, GAP coverage payout confirmation.

Be Prepared for Your Down Payment

Some people decide to buy before they thought they would, particularly if the car that is perfect for you might not be there tomorrow. Have plans and know how you will make your down payment. If it is by check, ensure the account already has the funds. If by credit card, know that the amount is within the credit limit, taking into account recent purchases with that card. For credit card payments, we do have a $3,000 limit for those transactions. If that is not quite enough, discuss with our team ahead of time, so we can build a plan together. If you plan to use cash, have your funds at hand.

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When Financing

It helps to have several items with you if you plan to finance your car. Ideally, this would include:

  • Your two most recent pay stubs
  • Utility bill with your home address

If you need a cosigner, they will have to be present. If you are self-employed and thus don’t have pay stubs, provide instead:

  • Two years of your most recent bank statements
  • Two years of tax returns

Also, remember that Subaru has a discount program for recent college graduates. If that is applicable, be sure to have proof of the graduation date. 

It can sound like a lot, but having all the necessary documentation in a single manilla folder – your car shopping folder – and having it on hand when shopping is relatively simple. Doing so will make the whole process quicker, easier, and increase the chances of you getting just the car you want when you want it. We hope this was helpful and can’t wait to see you at Twin Falls Subaru soon and ready to shop.