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When you think of Subaru STARLINK, you likely think of the screen in the center of the dash and how you can use it to access music, sometimes as a navigation screen, or bring up Apple CarPlay or Android to access your favorite smartphone apps. It certainly does all that, but can also do much more, particularly when combined with a Subaru STARLINK Safety & Security subscription. Twin Falls Subaru wants to give you a more comprehensive view of this technology.

STARLINK takes advantage of every ownership enhancement possible by having the car digitally connected to the outside world. Some abilities like those listed above simply come with the purchase of the car. Other features come with the STARLINK subscription, largely because they involve full-time customer service for system support. Most STARLINK capabilities can be divided into two categories: Multimedia and Safety & Security.

Subaru Touchscreen with STARLINK apps on the display.

STARLINK Multimedia

These are the STARLINK features you are likely to use most often.

  • Bluetooth – You can access music and other content from your paired smartphone wirelessly as well as make and receive telephone and text messages. For the latter, the text message will be read to you while it appears on the screen. You will then have the option to reply simply by speaking. If you are unsatisfied with your spoken reply, you can start over before sending it back. Bluetooth is the best connection for this function on an Android phone, while iPhones are better optimized with a USB connection.
  • Radio Access – You can have up to 36 preset stations from across the AM, FM, SiriusXM, and digital HD radio spectrum. You will also have access to content apps such as iHeartRadio, the Pandora streaming service, and Aha audio content. The STARLINK system will also provide easy access to informational content such as news, current sports scores, and stock market updates. Another useful feature is the split screen ability that allows you to view two apps simultaneously, such as a navigation screen and audio information.
  • Navigation – The available on-board navigation system is by Tom Tom, a leader in the industry. In addition to taking you to a designated address, the database includes a comprehensive list of points of interest for the traveler. Also useful, the display behaves like a tablet, allowing you to move through the map with your finger, use two fingers to zoom in or out, and even rotate as you see fit.
  • Voice Command – You can perform functions with your audio, climate control, and navigation systems simply by telling your car what to do. Just push the voice command button on the steering wheel and issue a direct command.
    SiriusXM TravelLink – As part of the SiriusXM service on models with the built-in navigation system, TravelLink enables you to get detailed traffic information either through the display or spoken to you via voice command.

STARLINK Safety and Security Features

Many of the STARLINK Safety and Security functions are features you are glad to have and hope you never use. These features include:

  • Automatic Collision Notification – At any time, a collision that activates an airbag will alert a STARLINK Customer Care Advisor who will discuss the incident with you through the vehicle speakers and help you through the next steps. If the advisor gets no response, they will contact the appropriate first responder. 
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance – If you have a malfunction or incident with your car that did not activate the airbags and need help, pressing the blue “i” button on the overhead console will contact an advisor who can arrange for non-emergency roadside assistance, to be sent to your GPS location.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery – Your first move should your car be stolen is to contact the police. Then give your STARLINK Customer Car Advisor your police report number to have them work with the police to locate your car via its GPS location. They can also arrange to immobilize the vehicle the next time someone tries to start it.
  • Remote Services – With the MySubaru app on your smartphone, you can lock and unlock the doors, activate the horn and lights, or locate where your vehicle is parked on your phone’s navigation app.
  • Vehicle Status Alerts – Primarily designed if you loan your Subaru to a young driver, you can set up different Boundary, Speed, and Curfew limits and receive notifications if any of these restrictions are triggered. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance notifications and Diagnostic Alerts – You can be notified by email when your vehicle is due for regularly scheduled maintenance and make an appointment through your MySubaru app. You will also be notified by email if a warning light appears on your dash with an explanation of what it means. In addition, STARLINK sends a monthly email that contains a link to a full comprehensive diagnostic report on your MySubaru account.

STARLINK Safety and Security Subscriptions

Most of the STARLINK services are available on your newly purchased Subaru for a trial period with a subsequent subscription. Here are the three STARLINK packages and their prices:

Subaru STARLINK app on a mobile phone.

STARLINK Safety Plus
Trial Period: 3-Years

After trial Subscription: $99.95/year or $9.95/month

Package Features:

  • Advanced Automatic Collision Notification 
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance 
  • SOS Emergency Assistance 
  • Maintenance Notifications 
  • Vehicle Health Report 
  • Vehicle Condition Check 
  • Diagnostic Alerts 
  • Service Appointment Scheduler

STARLINK Security Plus
Trial Period: 6-Months

After trial Subscription: $4.95/month with the purchase of Safety Plus

Package Features:

  • Remote Lock & Unlock 
  • Remote Horn & Lights Remote Vehicle Locator 
  • Boundary Alert 
  • Speed Alert 
  • Curfew Alert
  • Remote Engine Start with Climate Control 
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery 
  • Stolen Vehicle Immobilizer 
  • Vehicle Security Alarm Notification 

STARLINK Concierge
$4.95/month with purchase of Safety Plus and Security Plus

Package Features:

With just the touch of the button you can contact a Subaru Concierge advisor to provide assistance with restaurant and hotel reservations, and purchasing tickets for sporting/theater events. 

As you can see, Subaru STARLINK is much more than a touchscreen that plays music and shows a navigation screen. It can greatly enhance your Subaru ownership experience. If you have any questions about STARLINK for your existing or possible new Subaru, you can go here, or contact one of our Twin Falls Subaru Sales Professionals.


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